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In Knightswood Primary we give parents, pupils and visitors to the school an opportunity to leave a comment on our 'Guestbook'. This is where people have the opportunity to comment on their impressions, opinions and their time in our school. Please leave your comments and we will add them to our school 'Guestbook'.

Jia Rehan - Jia Rehan 18/05/2017 19:21:35
I love going to Knightswood Primary School and my most favourite teachers in all time have been Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Black. One of them has retired and the other one will be retiring soon but I just want to say that I miss them and love lots and lots. With lots of love from Jia

Miss primary - Megan Houghton 15/02/2016 00:21:58
I miss primary more than anything especially my teachers ms Watson (Mrs Murphy now) and Mrs Caldwell (ms Martin?) also Mrs Stevenson love her too bits I'm now in fourth year how time passes xxxx

OLD STUDENT FROM AROUND 2005 - Telma 21/11/2015 17:01:45
I miss miss webstar and miss mcgallager , MY FAVOURITE TEACHERS EVER! Kind and loving <3 i miss you SO much xx Do you keep yearbooks?

OLD STUDENT FROM AROUND 2005 - Telma 21/11/2015 16:57:30
I used to come to this school when i was smaller and seeing pictures of the school absolutely brought tears to my eyes and brought back SO many memories , this school will always be a part of me , I am now 16 Years old and live in London , I left Knightswood back long time ago when I was in P6 and went to Year 6 in London. I miss all the teacher and i want thank you all for having me here xx

Miss this school - Mollie fraser 07/09/2015 15:32:25
Hi, I am now in fourth year in high school preparing for exams and I decided too look cause I miss this primary. So much has changed including the teachers! I wish I could come back and see the teachers ??

A warm thank you and sad goodbye - Kelly aka Lauren and Manus' mum 24/06/2015 13:58:57
I honestly cannot believe it's this time already! It feels like five minutes ago my eldest was to be one of the new p1s to start in the new building and then my son followed in 2008. Again I feel like I have blinked and it's time for high school!
I feel it's only fair that I thank everyone across the board from years past and present and even sadly no longer with us, for their contribution in helping both my children become the great young people they are today. It may not always be verbally appreciated, but I assure you that it doesn't go unnoticed!
So it's with both warm appreciation tinged with sadness that our days with Knightswood Primary are over, wishing you all the very best for the future :) goodbye from us x

Nice Website - Craig Gemmell 08/06/2015 22:02:50
Nice website!
few names remaining from days gone by on the staff list.
Current staff photos may be a goodie!
Just had an earthquake and a flood in the same week...waiting for the frogs next!
Cheers and smiles from NZ.

hi - kirsten liddell 16/01/2015 13:21:31
hi just want to say i miss this school lots and think about it often also my little cousin aron wilson is in p1b mrs websters class and next year my niece will be joing this fab primary school

hello - kirsten liddell 11/07/2014 21:22:59
my little cousin aron wilson is coming to the school after the summer his teacher is mrs webster make sure to tell me if he misbehaves x

Loving the website! - Mrs Martin (p7) 19/12/2013 17:09:26
Well done Mr Cunningham, the website is looking fabulous!

Christmas Carol Singing - Tracey Grant 15/12/2013 19:56:51
I just want to say how much I enjoyed your Christmas Carol singing last week, all the children were great and singing in Latin and French as well fantastic well done everyone

hey - ashleigh 10/12/2013 12:48:13
omg I went to knightswood for my last year of primary 6 years ago wow I did not think It was long ago now if I was still at school I would have been graduating next june oh wow how time flies miss my teachers :( x

Hello Knightswood from Australia - Elaine McManus 10/12/2013 03:38:50
Dear All,
Thought I'd send you all a Merry Christmas message from my little school here in the Australian bush. So wonderful to check your website and see all the fantastic things that are happening at the best school in the world (that's you lot.) It's roasting here and we are just about to start our summer holiday which is for six weeks. Always a worry when your school is in the bush as forest fires are a real threat. Happy Christmas to you all. I miss you all terribly but I'm having great fun. Much love Ms McManus (2000-2010 at Knightswood) xx