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Most schools like to write to parents and update them with school business and events to ensure they have a picture of the wider work of the school.

A number of parents have told me that they do not read this newsletter, and sometimes they do not get a copy.


We put copies into every class and all teachers distribute these to your children. We plan to try to use more text alerts when letters are coming out to help you find these in the “school bag post”.

As you would imagine, the newsletter takes time to compile, print and distribute. If parents no longer want this letter, or would be happy with a copy on the web-site with the option of asking for one at the office, then we will move to this model.


I would like to give you the opportunity to tell me if the paper copy is still useful, and if you would be able to access one on the web site. I would appreciate your taking the time to fill in the tear off sheet at the end of the letter and returning this to the school office.