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House System

Children are well supported in the school by their House Captains and P7 ambassadors. Each month they work with the children at House Assemblies to develop the children’s understanding of values and how they can make the school a happy place for all children.

The House Captains and Vice Captains have also worked very hard with your children to reduce the amount of food which is wasted in the dinner hall. We also have a small group of dedicated volunteers who come along at lunchtime and support the children with their meals. I am very grateful  to them all and I know from feedback from the children that they appreciate the extra help.

Each month we have House Lunch where the children sit with their friends in their House and the House Captains, Vice Captains and P7 Ambassadors ensure that the very best of behaviours earn them extra House Points, for example no rubbish under the tables and all tables cleared by the children.

They also encourage children to finish their meals and to try healthy options.

The House System is a really good example of the children leading learning and developments in the school and children in all Houses contribute to the success of their House by gaining points for showing their values and making a big effort with their learning. All teachers are involved in a House and the children are also advised and guided by them to make really good choices.

We continue to develop the role of the Houses and welcome the children’s suggestions and making changes.