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Reduce Food Waste

In Knightswood Primary our House captains are leading a project to help us reduce food waste.

The project is simple:


- the House captains put out the fruit basket daily- children can put unwanted fruit here and it is recycled either for a class to have an extra piece of fruit or to make frozen yogurt or smoothies for sale

-Waste is weighed Tuesday and Wednesday-Information is shared with the school at Monthly House meetings

-Stickers are given to those eating healthily

- special events and days will be planned too, for instance we will organise a “#CLEARAPLATE DAY”


There is interest in our project from Better Eating Better Learning group within Scottish Government


The children are also going to lead the school to learn about food miles and the waste we create in that way too.


This whole project is aiming  to link up healthy eating and sustainability and give all children a small opportunity to play their part regularly and learn about the differences they can make to improve our world.