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Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free application designed to help students and teachers communicate, collaborate, organise and manage assignments, and much more.

We will be using Google Classroom to share activities and tasks for children to learn at home.

Help with Google Classrooms

School Google Classrooms can only be accessed using a school Glow account.

If you are having problems joining your class's Google Classroom, please ensure that you are logged out of any personal google accounts, clear your browser's cookies/cache, and ensure you are logging into Glow first using the username provided by the school (starting with 'gw').

Alternatively, you can also access Glow & Google Classroom by using an private browsing incognito window to ensure that personal Google accounts are not interfering with log-in. For more help, please click here to visit the Google Classroom help website. 


Set up for pupils

  • Pupils should first log in to Glow 

  • Once they have logged in, they will see their own personal launch pad. To find Google classroom they should click on the icon at the left hand side of the Knightswood Primary Launch pad. It looks like a house!


  • Once the Knightswood Launch pad has loaded, the Google Classroom app should appear on their screen along with some other apps and websites.  Click on the Google Classroom icon which looks like this:


  • The Google Classroom website will now load and will look as pictured below. At the top right corner click on the + sign and select join class.


  • Type in the code that your teacher has given you to join your class. It will be a mixture of letters and numbers. 
  • Once the code is accepted pupils are then enrolled into the classroom.
  • The pupils will see in their classroom front page if they have any assignments or messages from their teacher. Some classes may have an option for pupils to comment on posts. We would like to remind all of our pupils about behaving responsibly online and that Google classroom comments are monitored by teachers as well as school management.


How to upload a photo to Google classroom

Click here to learn how to upload a photo to Google Classroom


How to submit an assignment in Google Classroom

Click here to learn how to submit an assignment in Google Classroom