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Art/Music and Drama
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Art and Design

Much of our work in art and crafts is developed through topic work. 

Techniques using paint, pencil, crayon, chalk, felt pen, wax, papier-mache and natural materials are introduced to create friezes, collages and individual activities related to projects.

Emphasis is placed on displaying and celebrating finished work appropriately throughout the school.


 Shop corners, dressing up boxes, home corners, telephones and wide variety of activities involve our Early Stage pupils in role-play and mime.

Drama activities are built into topic work and each class is involved in a whole school assembly production.

We have in the past held talent shows and school productions - usually connected to an fundraising or Enterprise Project.


Music making, including singing and percussion, is a feature of class work.

Mrs McKnight, our music teacher is timetabled to work with all classes over the year.