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Support for Learning
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Support for Learning

It is our policy to provide the most appropriate learning experience for every pupil. We endeavour to meet the needs of every child in Knightswood Primary School.

Through Personal and Social Education, in addition to other areas of the curriculum, we promote equal opportunities, inclusion and a sense of fairness.

One of our Depute Head Teachers, has responsibility for co-ordinating Support for Learning.

Children are regularly assessed on both a formal and informal basis and Support for Learning is carried out by class teachers, promoted staff, flexibility teachers and pupil support assistants who are timetabled to support groups of children, as well as on a one-to-one basis with individuals.


Class teachers have responsibility for all the children in their care and are able to assist pupils with learning difficulities through using group teaching methods in class and also through setting.

A wide variety of resources are used to support this work. Suitable programmes of work and resources are currently being developed for more able children.

Pupils with severe learning or behavioural difficulties are referred to our Educational Psychologist. Before any referral, parents are contacted and fully informed as to the reasons for this step. The limitation on the Psychologist's time means we have to make up priority lists and children with the greatest difficulties are dealt with first.

Our new school building provides suitable physical access for all pupils including a lift and facilities for the disabled.