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Welcome to our school







Knightswood Primary School is a vibrant and happy learning environment.  Our children, teachers and support staff work together, learning from each other and expanding the knowledge and skills of our children through an active and broad curriculum which is being developed to meet the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence.
We wish to nurture our young people to become Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors, Independent Learners and Responsible Citizens. Our children are valued and their strengths and skills are celebrated. Evaluation is an important tool on our learning journey, and we promote self and peer evaluation for all our learners.  Expectations and achievements are high, and all children are encouraged, guided and advised on how to develop and improve.
We are proud of the ethos of respect and care we have developed in partnership with children and their families, and we promote positive behaviour through shared values.  Our values are Respect, Wisdom, Justice and Integrity.
Children are consulted and are given opportunities to influence the development of the school.  We have an active Pupil Council, and other pupil groups.  Staff, children and families are involved in setting the priorities for the School Improvement Plan.
It is our wish to co-operate and work with families and others who can support the children’s learning in the widest sense, and we take every opportunity to listen to each other to best meet the children’s needs.
I look forward to working with you and your children over the years.
Yours sincerely
Mr Jonathan Cunningham